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Energy Efficiency


Danfoss Variable Speed Drive helps to optimise energy performance of pumps and fans in HVAC systems resulting in considerable reduction in energy cost and reduction in utility bills for the entire life cycle.
Harmonics are by-product of modern power electronic control equipment which can lead to reduce reliability and increase operating cost. Danfoss have software to calculate the THvD and THid at Point of Common Coupling (PCC) and various harmonic mitigation technique both passive and active solutions  to meet your requirement. 

VLT HVAC Drive FC 102

VLT HVAC Basic Drive FC101

VLT Automation Drive FC 301 / FC 302

VLT Soft Starter MCD 500


Air in a fluid system is often the cause of unnecessary complaints, noise, poor heat transfer and corrosion. With Spirotech Superior Vacuum Degasser, the gases dissolved in the fluid are released, separated and removed from the system. Good degassing decreases corrosion and fouling.  Using SpiroCombi on the other hand will help to remove micro bubble gasses and dirt particles automatically from the chilled water which significantly reduce the resistance inside the pipe so that pumps can work on a lower speed at the same performance as before.

Vacuum Degasser

SpiroTech SpiroVent


YK Automatic Condenser Tube Cleaning System:

Condenser Tube fouling has big impact on the chiller performance, energy consumption and chiller reliability. It is important to ensure the chiller tube fouling is keep to minimum and optimized the thermal efficiency of the heat
exchanger to conserve energy usage.

With YK on line ball cleaning system, the recycle cleaning balls are flushed through via condenser circulation flow, ensuring unwanted deposits andresidue are clean before fouling occurs.


YK Automatic Condenser Tube Cleaning System



EBTRON Thermal Dispersion airflow measurement equipment with NIST Traceable ±2% of Reading Accuracy that ensures the right amount of Outside Air as required by ASHRAE 62.1 is provided to dilute contaminants within a building. Too little Outside Air results in unacceptable Indoor Air Quality; while too much Outside Air costs Energy and Money. Only direct and precise airflow measurement can provide a balance between these 2 objectives of providing adequate but not excessive Outside Air.


Ebtron EF-x1000-T


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