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Indoor Environmental Quality


Javac Automatic Refrigerant Leakage Detection and Recovery System is capable of fast recovering up to 400kg of R134a per hour when leakage of refrigerant in chiller occurs.  There is a weighing scale to determine the amount of refrigerant recovered. The recovery tank can also be use as refrigerant pump down unit during servicing of chiller.

JAVAC iSense Infrared Leak Detector

JAVAC Reco GT Recovery


Telasia Symptonic:

Telasia Symtonic carbon dioxide (CO2 ) sensor uses NDIR infrared red wave-guard technology and it have  measuring range of 0-2000ppm CO2.  The carbon monoxide (CO) sensors uses electrochemical cell sensing technology that offer a fast and reliable measurement. Typical measuring range for CO sensor is 0-100ppm with coverage of up to 15m radius subject to air movement. Both type of sensors have anologue ouput of 4-20mA that can be easily integrated into ventilation, alarm or BMS system.

Car Park Ventilation System DCV

Venticator - VC1008F

Carbon Monoxide Transmitter - CO-T1(D)


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