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Water Conservation

Zonecheck Addressable is the first UL approved life safety fire sprinkler detection system with fully
automated sustainable flow-switch testing. The system is approved to UL life safety standards
UL346 & UL864 and fully complies with relevant life safety fire codes. All components from the fire
rated cable down to the special wiring glands are approved for life safety (other detection systems
are not built to any standards).

Zonecheck Addressable utilises the latest stateof-the-art technology to provide a smart fire
sprinkler detection system. The system is built up by wiring every Zonecheck (flow-switch tester)
to its own Intelligent Monitoring Module (IMM), and connecting each IMM via a single loop of
fire resistant cable, to a central controller. The addressable controller gives locational information
on which flow-switch in the building has been activated and in the event of any secondary
alarms given either via smoke alarms or other flow-switches, the controller will know and display
the first flow-switch to operate allowing fire services to act quicker and pinpoint the seat of the
fire or where water has been discharged.

Zonecheck Addressable



Zonecheck is an fully automatic flow-switch testing device which simulate the flow of one sprinkler head in operation and tests the flow-switch saving 100% of the water normally discharged to waste.  Testing is quick and can be run anytime with no disruption to day-to-day business. Testing  using Zonecheck negate the need to run large fire pump in order to refill the system thereby saving energy and reduce corrosion. Zonecheck  has FM , LPCB, VdS, UL and ULe approval and certification.

Zonecheck - The Automatic Flow Switch Test System



A sprinkler system’s alarm-valve is designed to activate an alarm when a sprinkler head discharges water. This feature is tested weekly and forms part of the mandatory routine testing. For a successful test, sufficient water needs to be drawn off to simulate one sprinkler head in operation. Carried out weekly, this test results in over 32 thousand litres of water being poured down the drain every year for each valve-set. Bellcheck is designed to target this inefficient testing routine; saving water, time and money.  Bellcheck meet LPCB, VdS  and WRAS approval.

BellCheck - The Automatic Alarm Valve Test System


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