Zonecheck Addressable

Zonecheck Addressable


Zonecheck Addressable

Zonecheck Addressable

The only approved fully compliant solution for fire sprinkler testing and monitoring.

Zonecheck Addressable is the first UL approved life safety fire sprinkler monitoring system with the added benefit of fully automated sustainable flow-switch testing. The system is approved to UL standards UL346 & UL864 and fully complies with relevant life safety fire codes. All components from the fire-rated cable down to special wiring glands are approved for life safety (other detection systems are not built to any standards).



''All components are approved for life safety, other detection systems are not built to any standards.''



Zonecheck Addressable utilises the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide a smart fire sprinkler monitoring and testing system. The system is built up by wiring every Zonecheck (flow-switch tester) to its own Intelligent Monitoring Module (IMM) and connecting each IMM via a single loop of fire-resistant cable, to a central controller. The Addressable controller gives locational information on which flow-switch in the building has been activated and in the event of any secondary alarms given either via smoke alarms or other flow-switches, the controller will know and display the first flow-switch to operate, allowing fire services to act quicker and pinpoint the seat of the fire or where water has been discharged.



Full Control

From the controller you can also control a building’s flow-switch testing routine. Providing total control for an entire building, the controller can differentiate from a fire condition signal, enabling testing to be carried out independently of all other auxillary equipment e.g. smoke vents, fire doors and escalators, isolating and eliminating the risk of false alarms during testing (the controller can differentiate between a test and a fire condition). With Zonecheck Addressable, a landlord or building owner can now remain code compliant 24/7.



How It Works


Each floor or zone has its own Zonecheck, IMM and zone valve. Each IMM is wired (as part of a looped system) back to the Addressable controller where all of the Zonechecks in the loop can be remotely tested. The information received by the controller can then be relayed to a building’s remote fire alarm panel.




During testing, a ‘test’ command is transmitted via the looped system to the appropriate IMM(s). Each IMM operates its local Zonecheck pump and monitors the flow-switch operating time. If the flow-switch operates in compliance with code standards, the IMM records a ‘pass’ and transmits the result back to the controller. If the flow-switch doe not operate, or operates outside of the code standard's required timing, the IMM records a ‘fail’ and relays the information back to the controller.




If a flow-switch is activated, the IMM sends detailed locational information back to the controller which can then be relayed to the building's fire alarm panel.



Intelligent System Management

The intelligent nature of the IMM boxes means that they do much more than just relay information regarding the flow-switch operation and its exact location within the building. The IMM can also receive input from its local zone valve to identify whether a valve has been closed incorrectly or otherwise and transmits this information to the controller. Further to this, the IMM has the capability for an auxiliary out connection, which could be used as part of a wider fire protection strategy (for example – to open local smoke vents or close fire doors in a given zone). The Addressable system is designed to manage a sprinkler system more effectively; for example, when a monitored valve is closed, a fault alert is indicated. At this point, only authorised personnel can enter the pin code into the controller to mute the audible alarm (for up to 4 hours). After this period, the alarm will activate again so that the system will be managed in strict compliance with the applicable life safety codes. Zonecheck Addressable forms the basis for an all-encompassing, flexible and intelligent fire management and detection system.



  • Life safety fire detection
  • Fire alarm signal loop technology
  • 100% water saving
  • Simple coordinated testing
  • Stay code-compliant 24/7
  • Code compliant testing to UL346
  • Print test records via a local printer
  • Remote flow-switch testing
  • Internal battery backup
  • Approved to relevant UL864 life safety standards
  • Complies to BS EN12845
  • Seamless integration with other fire detection systems
  • Auxiliary contacts for external fire equipment (e.g. monitored valves)
  • The building remains life safety code compliant 24/7




Zonecheck Addressable is approved to UL 864 & 346 and conforms with the relevant life safety requirements detailed in BS EN12845, EN54 and NFPA101. Zonecheck is fully approved to LPCB, FM, UL and VdS standards.




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